One of the two gifts of the Crow God Malphas, given to Kosa N'Var.

Thunderflow was created by Storm Giants, to help their allies in battle against the forces of the impending doom, the things that were higher then the mountains themselves. Since then, it has been passed down to warriors of fate, who rise against the tides, much larger than them. It is near impossible to destroy this item, only hot lava can end it's powers.

Mechanics: Shortsword, Rare. This weapon counts as a +1 weapon when the creature is in sunlight (torches and such do not count). Thunderflow has 8 charges. Expending a charge on a successful attack will deal 2d6 lightning damage. When all 8 charges are spent. Roll a d4. On a 4, it regains all charges, on a 1, it regains half charges. On a 2 or 3, the item ceases to be magical.