Located in a peaceful valley, between two twin peaks, just north of the Northern Forest lies a small stream, bubbling out of a small crack in the rock. It pools in a basin in the rock, 5ft across. The water is crystal clear and cool, and comes from meltwater, running off the mountains above, eventually making its way into the pool.

No-one knows how the water gains its mystical abilities, but all who drink it are cured of any lingering addictions or effects from substances. Sometimes to their chagrin.

Quests Edit

Gorosh Razortusk first found the stream on his way to Haven, noticing its powers as it healed him after a nasty fight with a she-wolf. On his return to Haven, he found his remarkable alcohol tolerance had vanished. He gathered an expedition to go forth to the stream, but was dismayed when he realised it only made him more sober.

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