A temple found by following a river to the North-West of Haven, if you follow the river into the northern forest.

The First Room

The Temple is guarded by a manticore in the first room, which is chained to the wall, but deadly nonetheless. You can keep out of its chains reach, but bear in mind that it won't be good willed. An adventure has proven that making a sacrifice (in form of a big animal) and feeding it to the manticore COULD appease it.

The Second Room

Entering the second room, you will notice a wall made of mirrors. Staring long enough into them might make your head spin and can make you go crazy, because you will see your mirror image moving inside the mirror world. And be prepared that it can leave the mirror world at any given time to stop you from going further.

The Third Room

The third door was bearing a neutral Goliath that greets the adventuring group. He made up a riddle for the group. Since the old adventuring group succeeded in solving the riddle, the peacekeeper offered a big treasure, including gems, magic items, potions, copper, silver and even gold.

BEWARE: Since this temple was already visited by an adventure group, keep in mind that things might have changed, treasures are no longer there, rooms have changed or expanded.

Casualties: Helga the Donkey, Tofi the Bard