This is a chronological record of character deaths from the first adventure onward.

2017 Edit

Name Level Race Class Date
Adoven Siannodel 1 Elf Wizard March 15th
Silvorn 1 Elf Monk March 17th
Kaldain Ranson 1 Human Fighter March 21st
Tofi Gunvald 1 Human Bard March 22nd
Brother Tythor 1 Dragonborn Monk March 25th
Doroth 1 Dragonborn Cleric March 25th
Jay Arlet 1 Human Fighter March 26th
Myastan Tazgar 1 Dragonborn Paladin March 26th
Dulgrimm the Conqueror 2 Dwarf Barbarian March 26th
Zaos 1 Elf Ranger March 26th
Durmon Gale 1 Halfling Monk March 26th
Jared Armin 1 Human Wizard March 27th
Torvik Gunvald 1 Human Cleric March 27th
Gerik "Geist" Veerltje 2 Human Fighter March 27th
Bertie Foghollow 2 Human Monk March 27th
Fara Seafoam 1 Halfling Cleric March 29th
Grokhan 1 Half Orc Ranger March 29th
Abdon Tirell 2 Elf Druid March 29th
Ryear 2 Halfling Monk March 29th
Duir Elmaris 2 Half Elf Rogue March 31st
Arthur 3 Human Fighter April 2nd
Rhelv Alik 2 Dragonborn Warlock April 2nd
Rinn Nightwood 3 Wood Elf Monk April 7th
Callin 2 Human Fighter April 7th
Norixius "Levi" Levianth 2 Dragonborn Fighter April 7th
Azarai Denundel 2 Elf Fighter April 7th
Kaldom Nackle 3 Gnome Cleric April 9th
Mushi 1 Dragonborn Paladin April 9th
Sir Patsy 1 Human Paladin April 9th
Jiggy Alistar 3 Half Orc Barbarian April 9th

All info pulled from the Town Registry [1]