Grn knight

This Knight rode around on a stag in the Orchard. He told the adventurers that found him that there was a sickness spreading through the Orchard and he would annihilate it. The Green Knight had his lair in a cave in the Orchard where he brought the broken weapons of his enemies.

At the end of the cave is an imprint of a gauntleted hand. Pressing just the gauntlet of the Green Knight's Armour against the spot does nothing.

The Green Knight had annihilated a hunting party but one of the hunters, Maverick, escaped. He was later slain by a group of three adventurers.

His armour keeps regenerating, possibly once every 24 hours. The armour itself is animated, and any attempt to put it one draws the other pieces near and turns the wearer into a new Knight [1]. The armour can also possess non-humanoid creatures, such as Owlbears, as encounter by the Talon's Grasp.

References Edit

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