Created by the Order of Haven and distributed to members, the Emblem of Shielding is an enchantment upon the metal symbol of the Order that members carry. An Emblem of Shielding can be recognized by the faintly glowing azure eyes on the displacer beast of the emblem. Once used, the eyes fade and must be re-etched.

First created by Thomas "Corsair" Sutha, the Emblem of Shielding has become a priority to manufacture, the lives of the members are well worth the cost of enchantment.

Holders Edit

2x Thomas "Corsair" Sutha

Mechanical Use Edit

This emblem contains the shield spell, and functions as a spell scroll. The Emblem can be used once under the normal conditions.

Those without the spellcasting feature must make a DC 7 arcana check. On a failed check the spell is consumed and the emblem turns inert. After use, the emblem becomes non-magical and the spell disappears.